3/18/2014 Web Post 9

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Today we are starting module 8. It is nice to be able to utilize the tutoring center and then own classmate for help with homework.

I along with many other seem to be failing and am close to droping. Changes can be made to help students raise there grade but the instructor has to make that change.

I would encourage anyone reading to visit this website. http://www.ratemyprofessors.com/ShowRatings.jsp?tid=1161416


3/11/2014 Web Post 8

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Today we will start talking about chapter 7. Last weeks assignment was pretty easy for the most part. I was about to find why I had validated issues. My issue was because I ended the div before the body tag.

3/4/2014 Web Post 7

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I made a post over the weekend. We are covering more CSS stuff this week. Last week we had covered graphics for the web which covered images size and how to optimize them for the web. The home work assignment for the most part was petty straight forward. Hopefully this weeks assignment will be straight forward aswell.

Thoughts About Class

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After the discussion at the beginning of class on Thursday February 27th I have thought about concerns I have which are listed below. Many of which I think many other students may have.

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2/25/2014 Web Post 6

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I had issues with Mod 4 with the CSS applying the style to the navigate bar on the index.html page but it applied it to the yurts.html page. Mod 5 will be covering Web Graphics Styling Basics. We will be working on part 2 of our semester long project this week as well. There are no DQ’s for this chapter. We are currently in the 6th week of classes parking is better than it was the first week for the most part.

2/18/2014 Web Post 5

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This week we are going to be finishing up CSS. CSS Helps make the website look better and work better when it is attached to a standard HTML file.

2/11/2014 Web Post 4

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We are covering group presentations today. We may also get out of class early today. While visiting harpercollege.edu website I noticed that the mobile website is more user friendly than it was before. The group project for the most part was pretty straight forward.